How to Write a Process Analysis Thesis Statement

Process analysis includes providing detailed information that describes something using a series of steps.  Basically, you need to have a good understanding of the main subject so you can write informative and directional information.  You explain how something is made or completed in order for the reader to gain an understanding of how something is done.  The thesis in this sense is the purpose or main idea that you provide directional and informative content for. When completing your thesis for this type of paper, there are a few tips to keep in mind that may help you during the creative process.

  • Research your thesis or main idea and note details needed to help you explain its concept.  Some of the details you come across may help you in providing evidence to back up the thesis when you begin working the body of the paper.
  • Know the structure of your essay and how it should be presented.  You’ll need to present ideas and concepts logically; meaning they should be in order with easy transition from on to another.  Understanding this can help you determine how strong your thesis statement is and make your entire paper cohesive with each of its parts.
  • Have an outline for your paper created.  This can help you keep in mind different steps you’ll need to include to help create your statement. 
  • Understand the purpose of the statement for this type of paper.  It is the central support of the paper.  The remaining information should support this statement.  The statement itself may be 1 or 2 sentences long.  It may prove a point, defend a point a view, or act as proof for the topic chosen.  It may state the cause and effect or compare and contrast information.  The better your understanding, the more likely you statement will come together easier.
  • Make sure you can provide logical details clearly and concisely for your thesis. If you come up with a thesis and feel you may not be able to provide clear direction for the reader, you may need to readjust your thesis or main idea.  You should be able to create an illustration for the reader that is easy to comprehend. 
  • Process analysis may also be reviewed in sample essays.  Look for reputable sources that provide sample thesis statements for this type of paper.  Educational institutions websites are prime examples.