Academic Manual On How To Write A Dissertation

When you are writing a dissertation it is important that you follow a proper format so that you will have the best content and so that you will be sure that you are producing the best results you can.  That means as an author you need to have done your homework before you sit down and start writing.  First of all research all of the content which is out there that is associated with the topic.  After you do that check and see what your school has done with the content and what their slant has been on particular issues.  This means that you will already have a great idea as to what you need to do to have access to all of the content.  When you are planning everything out, you will be assured of the success if you have seen the position your department has taken and know how the professors who will be reviewing your thesis think.

There is nothing wrong with writing against the curve and planning your own dissertation.  Please make sure however as you are doing that that you are also realizing that it is extremely important for you to make sure that if you are in disagreement with the position that people have that you are doing your homework and are able to show why it is wrong and that you are able to justify your position.  That means that all of the work must have been done in advance.

When you sit down and you start to format your dissertation you must think of it as a book and not as a paper.  Think of the way you are writing it as the way you would write a fine best-selling book.  Sit down and map out all of the chapters and make sure that you have very credible sources which are backing the positions you are taking with the research.  That means that the formatting as well as the research needs to be spot on.  Here is a helpful checklist:

  1. Did you confirm the position of your department
  2. Have you done all of your research
  3. Have you planned the title and the topic
  4. Do you have the best research that is available
  5. Will you be able to nail the research and the draft
  6. Have you edited and reedited the draft before it is submitted?