15 Great American History Events To Use For Term Paper Topics

Of all the countries in the world, the United States of America in one of those which has had a long, arduous and an equally glorious history. From the tale of its independence to the terror and the grief that followed the attacks of 9/11, America has showed clear signs of prosperity and growth, in a geographical, physical and emotional way. Thus, when facing the submission deadline of a history paper, students are often puzzled at what topics to pick so as to showcase adequately the history of their country. The choice is vast, and the topics need to be justified. Therefore, here are fifteen great events from American history that should present themselves as suitable topics for their papers.

15 Great events in American history that can be used as term paper topics:

  1. The attacks of 9/11
  2. Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal
  3. The Cold War
  4. America’s involvement in the Vietnam war
  5. The Great Migration
  6. The Green Party of United States
  7. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  8. The Civil War
  9. The 1960s Liberal reforms and their failure
  10. American Presidents and their fidelity issues
  11. The Salem Witch Trials
  12. The Declaration of Independence
  13. The United States Revolutionary War
  14. The attack on Pearl Harbor
  15. The Manhattan Project

Most of these are issues that are fairly straightforward, and are the most known events in America. They address sensitive and important events, each of which had a profound impact on American history. Each uncovered a significant facet of America as a nation, and as a united people. The Civil War, for example, resulted in the passing of the Emancipation Proclamation, which liberated the Blacks from the shackles of slavery. Further down the line of time, the attacks of September 9, 2001 not only impacted America, but also the world. The vendetta of one man against a nation resulted in the loss of the lives of thousands of people, and crippled the economy of America as a nation.

The best tips for writing a history paper are to explore each and every aspect of the case, and still provide a calculated, independent and formulated opinion. History governs the lives we live now, thus it is important to justify it.