US History Term Paper Topics: a Few Fresh Ideas

History is a great subject to write a term paper on because there is so much information. At first, that may sound daunting. However, when given a second look you will find that all the information provides you with a variety of ideas. The United States has great history, and, while most term papers are on the U.S. presidents or the civil war, there is quite a bit of uncharted territory. Here is a brief list of a few fresh ideas for a U.S. history term paper:

Abraham Lincoln

  • Fiction or Fact- comparing the actual life of Abraham Lincoln to the fabled stories in media and motion picture.
  • The Gettysburg Address
  • Lincoln before his presidency

American Secret Societies: the Military and Presidential Order

  • The illuminati/Masonic Power Structure
  • The American Freemason Society
  • The Skull and Bones Society
  • The Knight’s Templar

Conspiracy Theories

  • The truth behind the Alcohol Prohibition
  • Pro-Communists in the United States
  • ICE document details

The Civil Rights Movement

  • Significant African Americans that are not widely known or not mentioned
  • African Americans against desegregation
  • Malcolm X views vs. Martin Luther King

The War on Terror

  • The truth behind 9/11 attacks
  • Heroes of the war
  • Survivors and their treatment after the war

There are so many new topics that can be explored. The important thing is to have fun. Many American history topics have been overused and unoriginal. Try and tell the stories that aren’t often told. The great thing about history is that each historical account can be told from a different point of view. Something to consider is how the international world views the United States. This is a part of American history because it has impacted how other nations target the U.S., as well as continued immigration. The opposing worldview of the U.S. public, political power and recent economies are great new topics to be explored. More current and modern history would be most interesting. Writing a paper on the history of the United States doesn’t necessarily mean writing old American history. Look within your own family tree and lineage to find a history paper topic. Perhaps one of your ancestors participated in an American war. Doing research on how this family member participated or was affected is a great spin on an American history topic. Good luck with your search through history!