5 Good Education Thesis Topics

Writing a thesis is a huge undertaking, and a lot of students in their last years of school feel very overwhelmed by the prospect of this. To combat your stress, just keep a positive attitude and work at it a little every day. Once you’ve got some of your research material ready and notes or projects that you’ve previously done as well as books or articles you’ve found, you’re ready to start writing the first draft. But what comes even before the organizing and the research is choosing the perfect topic.

Nailing down a good topic can be a whole process in itself for grad students who dread writing their theses and can’t decide what they want to do for their topic. It can be hard to get started when you don’t even know what you want from this and what your expectations are for the final thesis.

Topic Ideas for an Education Thesis

Here are five excellent ideas to prompt your inspiration for your thesis. Even if you don’t use one of these exact topics, you can find something similar from these ideas that will help you on your way to writing a great thesis.

  1. Research the ways in which having a free breakfast for kids at school is a good or a bad thing. How does the money spent outweigh the benefit of fed kids learning more? What about the actual nutritional content of the food the school provides, for parents that want to raise their kids without junk food, for example?
  2. When the government has to make budget cuts to education, what do you think should go first, and what should never be compromised? Talk about the importance of where every educational dollar is spent and it’s reasoning.
  3. How are disabled children, mentally or physically, taught? Are all disability programs created equally, or does the incompetence of one teacher make or take away a person’s chance at a life and a future career?
  4. What steps should be taken to keep teachers in line in their personal lives? Where is the line between how personal things can affect students and how should the situation be handled when it is crossed?
  5. Talk about disciplining bad behavior. How much authority does a teacher or educational professional have over a child that is not their own? How are different schools handling extreme situations?