How Do i Get Started With My Thesis?

Thesis writing is a process of writing in which you have to explore a certain phenomenon by assuming a research question and hypothesis. Thesis writing always follows a set pattern and principles. Thesis writing is a compulsory documenting that every student has to write it during his/her educational career. Thesis writing is considered as compulsory in order to get the degree in graduation and master levels. Students have to write their thesis with great care and attention. Thesis writing is not a child play. One has to be focused and well prepared before starting the thesis write up. Students when they get a first time exposure to any writing process like thesis, they usually get confused and worried about their thesis writing. They do not understand properly the requirements of their thesis work and they try to do it in haste or on the same pattern as they used in lower classes essay or assignment writing.

Thesis writing is quite a serious work to do. You need to be fully prepared before you get started writing your thesis work. There are certain points which you must keep in your mind while starting your thesis work. This article is providing you with a lustful of some key points which can help you starting your thesis in a right way. Following are key points:

  • You must be aware of your topic. You must select the topic of your know-how and interest.
  • The supervisor assigned to you must also have some interest in your topic of thesis.
  • If you find your supervisor uneasy or difficult to handle then you must change it before starting your thesis work.
  • After selecting the topic of your thesis, you must start reading books, journals and research articles related to your topic.
  • You should try your best to grasp complete understanding of your topic.
  • Spend quality time in selecting your research methodology. You must also be aware of your methodology fully.
  • Design your research plan. Make an outline of all important things that you need to do step by step in your thesis work.
  • Design a research or thesis proposal for your ease.
  • Discuss your topic and hypothesis in detail with your supervisor before writing the introduction of your thesis.
  • You should have a clear understanding of objectives of your thesis when you start writing it.
  • Thesis writing should be precise and relevant.