What websites provide help writing a thesis statement?

When seeking help in writing your thesis statement, searching the web for resources that provide you with solid academic advice is a great first step. Start by checking out your own college or university websites. The library website or the English department website may have tips or links to other helpful websites. If you don’t find the help you need there, never fear—here are a few well known quality websites that can help you write a clear, concise, effective thesis statement.

Great Online Resources for Writing a Thesis Statement

  • OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab: owl.english.purdue.edu

    The OWL is one of the best tools online for scholarly writing. While the thesis statement tips section is quite brief, you’ll find a universe of helpful resources on this site. If you’re still struggling, look at the OWL’s information on each type of assignment in particular. You’ll find detailed, specific information on nearly every sort of writing assignment you’re likely to receive in high school, college, and university.

  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center: writingcenter.unc.edu

    This guide serves mostly as an overview of what a thesis statement is, and what it should accomplish. It’s a beginner’s guide, and it can help if you’re new to writing thesis statements, especially if you’re unclear on what a thesis statement should look like. It doesn’t give an in-depth look at formulating a thesis, but it is a strong foundation for inexperienced writers.

  • University of Illinois, The Center for Writing Studies: cws.illinois.edu

    This guide is most useful if you have several ideas for theses and need to narrow down which to use, or refine what you already have. It presents a list of questions which serve as a checklist of guidelines your thesis should meet. It also contains examples of original theses and their revised, improved versions. It’s a wonderful resource for polishing your thesis statement.

  • Bowdoin College Thesis Writing Guide: bowdoin.edu/writing-guides/thesis.htm

    This guide is a start-to-finish introduction to writing a thesis statement. It’s a great guide if you really have no idea of where to begin. It may not be helpful for more advanced writers, but if you’re trying to write your very first thesis statement, Bowdoin College’s Thesis Writing Guide will explain what a thesis is and how to construct one beginning with a choice of topic. It also has some helpful “bad example” theses.