20 Great Literature Research Paper Writing Prompts for Students

Writing a solid literature research paper requires special skills. Firstly, students should know how to select proper bibliographical sources. Secondly, they should pay special attention to details. Thirdly, using critical thinking skills is vital because students should evaluate sources of information and provide logical reasoning in their papers. It takes time to master these skills. You’ll also have to learn how to select an appropriate research topic.

One of the easiest ways to come up with a great literature research paper writing prompt is to look through a list of potential topics. The following 20 paper writing prompts are provided in order to help you get started:

  1. A concept of aging in modern literature.
  2. American dream as a pursuit of happiness in The Great Gatsby.
  3. The visions of apocalypses in contemporary American science fiction.
  4. Specific characteristics of Jewish humor: creating stereotypes.
  5. Cat in the Rain: an example of American romantics.
  6. Love and death in Romeo and Joliette
  7. Heavens and hell in The Divine Comedy.
  8. The role of animals in Indian culture: a case study based on literature sources.
  9. Female identity in Japanese culture and literature.
  10. Love, romance, and sexuality in best-selling novels for teens in the U.S.
  11. Famous American poetry: traditions of love and hate.
  12. Medieval legends: examples of erotic love in literature.
  13. The influence of politics on classical American novels.
  14. European political poetry after World War II.
  15. Political allegory in Medieval Europe.
  16. Gender equity in science fiction books.
  17. Linguistic analyses of erotic scenes in best-sellers for adults.
  18. Knowledge and power in modern fiction.
  19. Cultural reality that influenced Italian tragedy in the Renaissance.
  20. Concepts of truth and wisdom in different religious texts.

The list of sample topics above is designed to help you figure out what topics you can consider. If you want, you can spend some time and brainstorm potential research ideas with your classmates. Some students start to work on their research paper ideas by getting a writing manual that explains how to develop a strong research question, what a good thesis statement should look like, and what prompts it’s better to avoid.

It’s advisable to select several topics that you find interesting, do some background study, and clarify a study subject. Remember that you can slightly correct your topic after you complete your rough draft. However, it makes sense to consult your supervisor first.