Simple Tips On How To Compose A Biology Research Paper Outline

Creating an outline is a critical part of writing your academic papers. You save a lot of time and efforts when you have the data for your paper organized in a proper structure and place. This helps you stay on the right track and complete your work without missing any important details. If you are to write a research paper, you should consider completing an outline first. This will act as a roadmap or a blueprint for your assignment because you can note down all the important points and arrange your data in relevant places before moving to the actual writing process

An outline does not only aid the writer in remembering the important points and order of the paper but it also is a good thing for the readers to identify the most relevant and important sections for them. If a reader is reading your paper only for a certain piece of information in a specific portion of your paper, it will be easy for him to track it down. The question however, is that how to create a winning outline that will make your writing process easier and fool proof

To help you create an outline for a research paper in biology, here are some important tips you should know

  1. The first thing you need is developing your thesis statement. If you do not have your thesis statement yet, you cannot move forward with the outline of your paper. You have to make sure that you create a one or two sentence long thesis statement that describes the actual purpose of your paper to the audience. You will need to include this on the top of your outline and follow it for the entire search and data collection

  2. The other step is to break down your thesis statement into parallel parts to make the sub divisions for your outline. Each part will be dealt as a sub division and will have its own unique section in your paper. You can represent these sub-divisions with Roman numerals like I , II, III

  3. After you have the major sub divisions, you will further create the alphabetical or bullet points under each for the supporting evidence. You will have to collect this supporting evidence form valid and authenticated sources

  4. Write the outline in a proper logical order that you want your paper to have