Students Network

Students’ network is an organization that university and college students form to support their activities and encourage interaction. The network enables students from different societies to interact and exchange their experiences in life. Many colleges are creating different opportunities for their students to interact, know each other, and get career assistance whenever it is appropriate. Some of the student networks are formed by the students themselves and others are sponsored by alumni offices and career offices. According to Lee (2010), the network is also an advantage to the university itself because it enables the management to choose the best teaching methods for students by first knowing the kind of students they are teaching. This makes lecturers learn that students come from different backgrounds and have various needs.

Nowadays, it is common for a college or university to have its Facebook page, YouTube account, and twitter handle. This is a way through which students interact. Communication is an important issue that has always been addressed by student network in various learning institutions. Communication among students makes it easy to help students who feel discouraged because of their cultural background and gender. The network enables the ones who come from various backgrounds have a sense of belonging and feel at home whenever they are interacting with other students.

The students’ network is responsible for addressing the needs of students.  Students may be having problems that they are going through. Most students find it difficult to report their problems to the school admission. It is through the network that the issues are addressed because students feel free with their fellow students and this enables them to open up and address some of their needs. Representatives of the students’ network take it as their responsibility to make the school admission aware of whatever is going wrong in the school.

As a wrap therefore, students’ network is important for the welfare of the students. It enables the students live a life they deserve while in school. Communication among students from different backgrounds makes them not to feel awkward while in school. Their interaction makes them learn that different people from different places have been brought up in various conditions. Students are able to interact through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This is of course a more advantage to college and university students. Learning activities are also improved since the understanding of different students makes a school to choose the best teaching method that favors all the students.