5 Basic Elements Of A Good Research Paper Acknowledgement Section

A complete research paper contains an acknowledgement section where you recognize the support you have received during the writing process. This is the section where you show your respect but, also, it is the way you transmit how thankful you are. Whenever you write an academic paper, you will need to check references and ask for help. This is the reason for including this section in your research paper.

Below, we suggest five useful elements which you should include in this part of your document:

  1. References that you checked. This is the most important part of the acknowledgement section. You should list the most decisive sources that you consulted for your research paper. Be concise. You should decide what the strongest references were when you finish the article.
  2. People who supported you. This is another key point in this section. In fact, in some cases it may be more important than the references because you will most likely thank people you know in real life. Include your colleges and people who has been supporting you in a regular basis during your research.
  3. Explain briefly how you were supported. Next to the name of those you acknowledge, you should mention the way each person aided you. Remember to be very concise, as this section is supposed to be short but straightforward. You should not talk about the details in depth but only mention everybody's contribution to your work.
  4. Be thankful. Don't forget to say thank you! It may sound obvious but it is the main purpose of the acknowledge page. You should politely mention how other people was of help for you, rather directly or indirectly. The former refers to people you know and the latter is a reference to other professionals whose work was a reference for yours.
  5. Try not to forget anyone! This page is meant to be included in academic papers which require a long-term effort by the author. If this is your case, you should make a list beforehand so as not to miss anybody. Think thoroughly about whose contributions were the most relevant for the making-up of your research paper and write it down.

In addition, if you are in the need of mentioning a lot of people, it may be useful to write their names first and brief what their contribution to the project was in a few words. This format takes up less space.