Don't use quotes excessively in your graduate thesis

A quotation represents the original language used by an individual while speaking or writing. Quotations are extremely effective in adding relevancy and supporting details to any argument presented in your graduate thesis. While they can aid your overall paper, quotes should not be excessively used during your graduate thesis.

Excessive use of quotation makes the whole composition look unrealistic and unworthy of a proper read. This is why; we need to use quotations in a limited manner and must make sure we use the proper reference while we use the most of it.

A paper written by you is your alone. While the content is all you, quotations utilized should be cited and introduced correctly throughout. Since it is your own language and obviously your own thesis you should be considerate when you use quotation of other individuals.

When you choose quotations you should consider following things:

  • If the language of another writer is distinctly memorable, increases the interest of readers, and adds vividness to your paper, you can use quotations.
  • If the language of another writer is so perfect, clear, and precise that making similar meaning with your own words could not be effective by comparison.
  • You can use quotation when you are interested in importing solid fame of a source to provide authentication and credibility to the writing of your own.

Whatever it is, if you use quotations one after another it would help you lose your originality of your creative and college work. You will lose the authentication and eventually the composition will become worthless. Also, if you use quotations you need to make the contrast by comparing two scenarios; one is by your own writing and other could be the memorable speech of others. There are some points in writing which you can write unoriginal when you write general writing. But in case of writing a thesis, most importantly while you are showing your own uniqueness to hundred percent you should not use excessive quotations.