Best Thesis Statements

What is the world’s best thesis statement? Sadly, it would be impossible to know – unless you read and evaluate every single thesis statement in the world, and that would take more than one lifetime. It would be impossible to dish out a list of ‘the world’s best thesis statements,’ simply because thesis statements are so diverse, so specific, and so multi-leveled. Instead of pumping out a list of great thesis statements that probably won’t help you in your specific assignment, anyway, we’ve decided to compile a list of factors. These factors are present in the best thesis statements on the planet, and if you include them in your theses, you’re likely to join that list!

Composing the Best Thesis Statements Easily

First of all, thesis statements are statements of purpose – and the best theses do just that. They clearly and unarguably state the purpose of the paper at hand. This makes the entire reason for the paper clear to any audience. This effective communication is crucial if you want your audience to understand your reasoning, proof, arguments and logic. The statement also outlines the general path of the essay. Will you be exploring scientific data, examining a case study, evaluating a text? Let the reader know, in your thesis, what methods you will be using to address your question, position or issue.

Secondly, the best thesis statements are also the most interesting. Don’t let human curiosity be left on the backburner; the more intriguing and genuinely thought-provoking your thesis, the more successful it is going to be. You definitely don’t want to play it safe in this area. Pick something that’s a hot topic in the current field, or something that sparks your interest. It’s guaranteed to draw your reader’s attention much more swiftly than a play-it-safe type thesis.

Lastly, and most importantly, the very best thesis statements in the world undergo editing. This may seem like a no-brainer, or at the worst, an unnecessary step to some; however, if you want to produce a crucially effective thesis statement, you always need to review and edit. This will ensure that your thesis is the best it can be, as clear as can be, and as effective as it can be. At this stage, you may also want to develop a list of other thesis ideas. Your first thesis concept is not, necessarily, the one you want to commit to. Bat around a few other ideas – draft up some other thesis statements – and compare them. Which ones are your best? Which ones are your least favorite? The best thesis statements weren’t always the ones that first came to mind – sometimes it took weeks to find them!

Follow the same steps and reflect the same aspects in the world’s best thesis statements, and you may just find yourself placed at the top of the list! Remember, you can always find aid and tips for theses over the internet. Don’t undervalue the thesis: make it the shining star of your whole essay!