The key points of essay writing process

The writing process for an essay is something that takes time, skill and practice. Overtime, a writer will develop their own way of writing and how they conduct research for their topic. Yet, there are a few areas of the process that seem imminent no matter your skill level, expertise on the topic or knowledge of technical writing. These points may be considered more crucial areas of the essay writing process. At the same time, they play an important role in helping the writer get their point across to the reading audience and improve content quality with good presentation.

  • Prewriting: these are actions carried out before you start writing your final essay. These actions include conducting research, taking notes on your topic, getting ideas on what to write about, and understanding your audience. These aspects are important since they help define and establish purpose and reasoning behind the essay. Prewriting may require more time to complete but it can make a difference in how you write the final product.
  • Writing: this is the stage in which you start writing your rough draft. This is where you pay attention to the structure of the essay and its different parts which make up the content as a whole. You begin to create your paragraphs such as the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. When you start writing your information may just start to come together. You begin to see how your essay will take shape, but you are not necessarily concerned with making it perfect just yet. Instead, you are getting your data in place.
  • Revising: this is where you begin making your essay content solid. You go back over what you have written to make sure it is in the position you want it to appear. You read over what you have written to make sure it makes logic sense. Other actions such as proofreading, editing, and formatting may take place in this stage. Your sentence and paragraph structure should be given more attention. Grammar, word usage, punctuation and other presentation details should be reviewed and corrected. Your content should communicate your message effectively to your audience. How your information is organized should be noted; meaning, if you need to move sentences or paragraphs around you should do so before finalizing your essay. Think about the reader’s point of view and how they will perceive the content.