Writing an Educational Thesis

An educational thesis, like any other kind of thesis, involves an original piece of writing based on thorough reading and research that hopes to further the understanding of the area that it is dealing with. This means it doesn’t have to be completely original per se; it can be based on a pre-existing piece of research, but it goes beyond that to develop a new understanding in this particular field.

Choosing the topic for the thesis

This is not a straightforward task to do; it involves research in itself and involves looking at current trends in education. To do this you can interview various people, talk to your professors and look through bookstores to give you an idea of what these trends might be of moment.

Narrowing the aims of the thesis

Having chosen the topic or field with which you want to base your thesis on, you then have to narrow it down to further section of that particular field. In order to help you do this you must do extensive reading in this particular field of education, analyzing what you’ve read in order to help you to come up with some research questions which you will then aim to answer in the thesis.

It can take a considerable amount of reading in order to narrow these aims down and they should give a clear focus as to what the thesis will be about.

Researching for the thesis

Having identified the questions you wish to pose in the thesis, a substantial amount of research is required into the area. This research can include both quantitative and qualitative research and needs to be organized appropriately in order to make it easy to draw on this research when it comes to writing. As you are doing the research, as well as organizing it appropriately, you want to be noticing any contradictions or patterns for further use later on.

Writing the thesis

When it comes to writing the thesis itself, it is important to know the structure of how the thesis should be. There are generally several different subsections within the thesis. They often follow a standardized pattern; however, some institutions and countries will follow slightly different patterns so is best to check with how yours is meant be written. It will inevitably begin with an abstract; however; this is actually best left to last when it comes to writing it, once you have gained a greater knowledge of how the thesis is going to turn out.