How To Write A Proper Outline For A Research Paper In Graphic Design

Outlining a research paper is one of the most effective ways to provide a structure for an argument. It allows students to organize their research and ideas. In addition, students can use an outline to make sure that they have enough information to fill up the page requirement. By building an outline, the student knows in advance if they will need to find more or less information.

Building an Introduction

Initially, students should work on creating an introduction for their paper on graphic design. This introduction should include a thesis statement that sums up the content of the essay. This thesis statement should make an argument, and it should have a narrow enough scope to be covered in the entire research paper. Once the thesis statement is created, the student should fill in the remainder of the introduction. They may want to use an interesting hook or anecdote to get the reader interested in their ideas.

Design a Conclusion

After creating the introduction, the student should write out the conclusion. This will allow the student to clearly understand where their argument is started and where it will end up. In essence, the conclusion will restate the introduction and the thesis statement. If it is well-written, it will leave the reader with a lasting impression and knowledge of the subject.

Make Topic Sentences

Depending on the length of the graphic design research paper, the student may need anywhere from three paragraphs to hundreds of paragraphs. No matter what the length is, students should go through their research paper paragraph by paragraph. For each paragraph, the student should make a miniature thesis statement that serves as the topic sentence. Each topic sentence will serve to guide the students writing and build the argument.

Incorporate Research

As the student creates their outline, they should list two or three facts beneath each topic sentence. This will help the student to figure out if they have enough research to support the topic. It will also ensure that the student does not use the same information twice, and it can serve to prevent writers' block.

Use Example Outlines

One of the best ways to learn something is to use an example. By looking at an example outline, students can learn the best way to format their paper on graphic design. They can learn about the best way to create topic sentences and techniques for supporting their argument.