Crafting Good Biology Research Paper Topics for High School

When you select a topic for a high school research paper it should be something you can analyze, explain and clearly detail in written form. Students are expected to research their topic well based on opinions, experiments and conclusions from previous and recent research. Students will need to think about their interests and sources they can access that will help the write a good research paper. The following points offer insight on how students can create good topic ideas for a high school biology research paper.

Think about Subject Matter High School Students Are Interested In

As a high school student you may have specific interests. Think about these aspects as you set out to create your ideas. You can consider topics out of the ordinary such as pinto beans in burritos or hand sanitizer versus bar soap. Think about subjects you can provide thorough information on. You may want to take a survey among fellow peers to learn things they like and dislike. Then, start generating ideas from here.

Brainstorm Original Ideas Based on Personal Interests and What You Know

Brainstorming is a common technique writers use to generate original ideas from personal thoughts. You may have a few general topics in mind such as body cells or living cells. Then, you can take the general idea and break it down based on what pops in your head. For living cells ideas such as flowers, plants, trees, bugs, protein and etc. may come to mind. You may have short sentences and other thoughts as well. Think about your ideas and see what you can write about that people will want to read or learn more about.

Refer to Reputable Sources with Biology Topic Ideas

There are sources you can refer to in helping you generate ideas. These can be anything from scientific research websites, related magazines and book publications, or even photography and video explaining related processes. Your textbook can be a good place to start seeking ideas. From here, you can consider favorite topics or things you want to learn more about you may have yet to further discuss in class. You can explore controversial topics trending in the news. Just be open and look around you for unique ideas you are willing to take time to learn more about. You can also get insight from your instructor on which direction to take your topic.