What Are the Most Important Parts of an APA Research Paper?

Writing a research paper is not a very tough task if it is only about the rough draft. However, choosing the right tone, format, structure and using right approach is difficult. Different universities and colleges have different preferences for research paper format and structure. However, if your teacher wants you to use the APA format for your research paper then you cannot miss a certain things. A research paper that follows the APA style has the following important sections.

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction of the paper
  4. Research methodology
  5. Conclusion
  6. Discussions
  7. Appendices
  8. References and citation
  9. Table of content and figures

Some of these may not be included in your paper because you may not have them. For instance appendices, however, it is recommended that include all of these in your paper if you are following the APA format.

  1. The title page

    The title page of your research paper need to have the

    • Title of the research paper
    • The status of the research paper

    In the status of your paper, you need to include the name of the author and the institution they are writing for. For example, if your study in Greenwich university, you will have to include your university’s full title and the name of your subject professor who will check your paper. The title of your paper should not have any abbreviations or meaningless words.

    In addition, according to the APA style your title should have 12 words maximum

  2. The abstract

    The abstract is a short summary of your entire research paper. It is an overview of your research for those who do not have time to read entire research papers, they may read the abstract and get an idea about the rest of the paper in few minutes.

  3. The introduction

    This is where you present your topic to the readers in a catchy way. It is important that you gain their interest in this phase.

  4. The method

    This is where you show your research methodology to your readers. You need to show the tools and frameworks you used for your research. You also need to show why you preferred a certain method to the other.

  5. The results

    This should be able to conclude your paper in a precise way. You may represent your results in forms of tables and figures.

  6. The discussion

    Includes limitations and future research

  7. Appendices

    This is optional and you may or may not have them

  8. Tables and/or  figures
  9. References or citations