Where Can I Get a Proofread Examples of Dissertation?

If you are writing a dissertation for the first time, you may be unsure about what tone and style to pick. Relevant dissertation examples may help you get the feeling of it.

Finding proofread dissertation examples is not a problem today with so many academic resources available online. Try the following ways:

  • Ask your advisor. He or she may have past examples of dissertations on file. If you get a sample from your advisor, you can be rest assured that it meets his or her specific requirements.
  • Search your university library. There must be lots of dissertations previously submitted by students. To get what you are looking for, narrow your search by subject and topic.
  • Search the databases of other universities. Some online university libraries are available only to their students, while others have free sections open to everyone. Browse them for more dissertation examples.
  • Purchase a guidebook. If you are seriously concerned about your ability to meet the dissertation style requirements, you may consider buying a guidebook on thesis writing. Such books do not simply contain proofread fragments of dissertations, but also explain in detail about what is appropriate to thesis writing and what should be avoided. Using a guidebook is a particularly good idea if you have problems with specific areas of dissertation writing, for example, with the abstract or conclusion. An expert’s advice with several relevant examples will be more helpful to identify and fix your problem than reading tons of good papers written by other people.
  • Browse the websites of dissertation writing services. This is generally a less reliable means to find a proofread thesis example than university libraries, but it may also work if all other ways have failed you.

Things you have to remember when looking for dissertation examples:

  • Do not copy an example’s formatting exactly. Even if this dissertation was submitted in your university, requirements might have changed over time. Use thesis examples only to get a general idea of the appropriate tone, language, and layout.
  • Do not follow any example too closely. Remember that your dissertation should express your ideas, not those made by other people. If you decide to use any techniques related to the presentation and layout, modify them to fit your own needs.
  • Your fascination with a beautiful dissertation example might result in unintentional plagiarism, where you find yourself explaining your ideas in the same fine words. You may have problems if these coincidences are discovered by others. Make sure to check your dissertation with anti-plagiarism software, and re-word the phrases that repeat in another thesis.