Useful Directions on How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper

The thesis statement that you write for your research paper is the crux of your writing. The entire research paper revolves around and depends upon your thesis. Not a bad reason for you to get it right. This article gives you tips and ideas on making sure that you create the best possible thesis for your research paper.

  • It almost certainly appears in your introduction or first paragraph and it may even be the opening sentence in your entire research paper.
  • Your thesis statement is not a fact. It is not an absolute statement. On the contrary it is an opinion. You are asserting a point of view.
  • Your thesis must be unequivocally clear. A single reading of your thesis must inform the reader as to which side of the fence you are on. There is nothing vague about a thesis statement.
  • The success of your research paper depends on your ability to argue in favour of your point of view. There are plenty of facts which will appear in your research paper and they will be used to support your case.
  • Your thesis statement should be open to debate. It should be a statement which can be challenged by somebody taking an alternative point of view. For this reason you must choose carefully, not just your topic but the writing and working of your thesis statement.
  • Your thesis may in fact be a question and your research paper will include the answer to that question. This is why sticking to the point or answering the question is so vital to the success of your work.
  • The structure of your research paper will be such that once the thesis statement is listed, almost always in the first paragraph, you will be able in the body of the research paper to argue the case for your thesis.
  • The conclusion of your research paper will be a summary of all the points you have made before in support of your thesis.

As you can see from the above points, everything in your research paper relies upon your thesis. If this statement is strong and open to debate, you are in a position to successfully try and convince the reader that your assertion is correct. The marking of your research paper revolves almost entirely on your ability to prove what you claim is correct to be correct.