How to Find a Trusted Research Paper Service in 5 Steps

How can you find a trusted research paper in 5 steps.

First, let me tell you why I’m going to give you the long answer I do. Because I care about you as a professor and I do not want you to get in a lot of trouble, which I know you will if you buy a research paper.

See, teachers today love using this one service called turnitin because it makes it so much easier for them to grade papers quickly. See, in the past, after teachers had to grade papers by hand and wait days and sometimes a week to give them back to students for revisions, then there was grading in word’s track changes—which was even then optional because most students then were not expected to have computers. Now, teachers everywhere are using turnitin and I expect soon it will be a required precautionary measure that teachers will fall in love with at every college, university, and high school in the nation.

There is no way you are going to buy a paper on the internet that IS not on turnitin-how could they sell you a paper that someone has turned in for a grade and this is how they know the paper is an A+ essay in the first place, right?

Instead—try these five steps

  1. Commit to finding a freelancer from a long established service

    Try Elance, for example.

  2. Make an ad for your research paper saying exactly what you want and that you would like either a graduate student in the filed you need or a former or current professor to write your essay.
  3. Pick your freelancer by the skills you need

    Pick your freelancer by the skills you need for this research paper. If you need strong writing and business knowledge then privilege the business knowledge. If you can find an English Ph.D. with a specialty in business even better—then you know you’ll get an A+ quality paper for the writing alone.

  4. Also, search the ads for what you want.

    This is why I said take a whole break to do this. You could hire these freelancers on spec and ask them how long it would take them to do various assignments.

  5. When you get your syllabus, contact them with dates.
  6. Also, don’t skimp on the payment.

    Appreciate your freelancer and they’ll put you first.